Support our mission statement and help us continue our vital work in the future –

“Prevent cruelty, promote knowledge, and provide for the aged, sick, lost and unwanted animals in Jersey”


Make a Regular Donation

You can donate on a monthly basis by setting up a standing order payment direct to our JSPCA bank account. Download your copy here or visit our reception.

You will also be able to set up a standing order on most online banking platforms which is easy and quick, but please email at us if you have done this so we can thank you for your generosity and stay in touch.

Our account is held at RBSI Jersey, Sort code is 16-58-93, Account number 60391659, Account name JSPCA

Please remember, if you send in a donation that is over £50, and you are a Jersey tax payer, you can complete a Tax Rebate Form (R10) here, allowing us to claim an additional 25% back from Income Tax on top of your donation.

Please make sure you put a clear reference so we can thank you for your donation.

Caxtons also have standing order forms at their Broad Street shop and are happy to scan and send them back to us.

Make a one off Donation

Online donations are really easy to make – you can choose from the following options:


Alternatively, you can send a cheque payable to:

JSPCA Animals’ Shelter, 89 St Saviour Road, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 4GJ

If your donation is due to a fundraising event please ensure you contact us on 724331 with information and contact details so a receipt can be sent.

If you are a Jersey Resident for Tax purposes your donation may be eligible for tax exemption, a form is available on request


Become a member

Why not become a JSPCA Member – Download your form here or visit our reception

Adults £10 per annum

Over 65’s £5 per annum



The JSPCA would be very grateful for any of the following donations to help with the day to day running of the site.

Please check back frequently to see what items we are appealing for –

  • Dog poop bags
  • Chappie dog food tins
  • Pedigree Chum dog food tins (jelly only)
  • Butchers dog food tins (loaf / jelly only)
  • Dog treats
  • Dog toys
  • Whiskas cat food tins / pouches (jelly only)
  • Whiskas dry food – Adult or 7+
  • James Wellbeloved adult cat pouches
  • Burgess Excel rabbit food
  • Burgess Guinea Pig food
  • Good quality hay
  • Small animal treats
  • Biothane recall leads for dogs
  • Enrichment for rabbits and rodents – Egg cartons, plastic plant pots, telephone directories, stacking rings (for babies), general toys for small animals


Amazon Wishlist

We have an amazing list of items which would love. There are different price ranges and a section for each of our animals. We are so pleased to receive your parcels and love seeing the animals playing with their new toys and enjoying their tasty treats.

Please click on the link and type in JSPCA –


Donate whilst you shop online via Easyfundraising –


19.09.19 Currently we are unable to accept any donations of bedding (towels, large blankets & duvets) due to lack of storage. We will update our post again soon for future donations.

However there are some wonderful charities who are always looking, so please consider other animal charities and the shelters.


JSPCA Co-op Share number (315618)

Please remember our share number when you next shop at the Co-op stores. Every penny helps and allows us to carry on our vital work. Our share number is 315618


Pennies – The Digital Charity Box

Throughout 2019 we are being supported by Pennies.

Pennies is a digital version of the traditional charity collection box that allows customers to donate a few pence to charity when paying by card.  Voisins chooses for donations made at their store to support 4 charities, which means 95% of donations will be split between ourselves and 3 other Jersey charities, with Pennies (also a registered charity) receiving 5%.