Exotics & Aquatics

If you are interested in rehoming one of our exotics or aquatics, please get in touch.

You can register online http://jspca.org.je/register-to-adopt/

Find out more information about our rehoming process and prices here http://jspca.org.je/rehoming-process/ 

Our viewing times are Monday – Saturday from 2.00 – 4.00pm


Tiny is a sweet little Musk Turtle who is looking for his perfect home 🐢 He is quite a shy boy but does enjoy exploring


Frank is not a shy bearded dragon at all. As soon as you walk past his vivarium he’s scratching on the glass wanting to see


Terry originally came to us as a stray back in 2015 so we are unsure of his age or sex. He is back with us


Norma is a friendly female bearded dragon looking for a new vivarium to call her own. Born in August 2013, Norma loves attention and will

Sal (Reserved)

Sal is a tiny Kenyan Sand boa of about 5 years old and is looking for a new home. This species of snake is very

Mr Gilbert

Mr Gilbert is a gorgeous Corn Snake looking for a new home.   We are unsure of Mr Gilbert’s age and sex but we thought


Herbie is a bright and beautiful Corn snake looking for a new home. We are unsure of Herbie’s age and sex but he’s a sweet

Scratch and Smudge

Scratch & Smudge are two lovely little male 7 year old yellow-bellied sliders looking for a home together.   This handsome pair are the best