Puppy Training Classes

There are currently no puppy training classes available

The puppies that join the class will need to be no older than 20 weeks old at the start of the course.  The puppy classes will be a 6 week course each class lasting about an hour.  Each class will have a maximum of 7 dogs attending so that each dog and their owner gets attention throughout the course.

All of the puppies must have had their second vaccinations and a kennel cough vaccination before they can begin the puppy course. 

Topics covered in the course include:

-sit, down, stay
-loose lead walking
-no jumping up
-responding to their name
-safe tug play
-handling and grooming
-eye contact
-settle and touch

We will only use ethical and kind training methods which means we will train the puppies by rewarding good behavior and no puppy will be trained with the use of punitive techniques.

In our puppy classes, your dog will not only learn some valuable cues but they will also help to strengthen your relationship and bond with your dog which can improve your dog’s responsiveness to you.

Trained staff will be running the classes and will be happy to offer advice and tips on any difficulties you might be facing at home.  Some topics will be discussed in class to help set your puppy up for a happy life such as how to prevent your dog being fearful of fireworks and ensuring that meeting other dogs is a positive experience for your puppy.

All of the funds raised through our puppy classes goes to the JSPCA and the work we carry out.

If you’d like to join our puppy classes, please fill in the application form.  There is a limit of 7 puppies per class so this will be on a first come first served basis.