Any strays that arrive and we are struggling to reunite with their owners will be posted on here.

If you have lost your pet and think there could be a potential match, please give us a call on 724331 for more information.

 Have you found a stray cat? Download a copy of our “Paper Collars” which can be attached and potentially find it’s owner.

JC36075 Stray Cat

Stray Cat JC36075 Unable to confirm sex or if microchipped as very scared and lashing out. We will let the cat settle before we try

JL36068 Stray Rabbit

Stray Rabbit JL36068 Entire Male No microchip Found Ivystill Lane, Les Varines, St Saviour 3/8

JC35749 Stray Cat

Stray Cat JC35749 Female No microchip Found La Rue De L’etocquet, St. John 27/6 (Sorry for poor photo, she is very nervous and shy)

JC35692 Stray Cat

Stray Cat JC35692 Female No microchip Found near Silver Springs, St Brelade 23/6