(May 2019)

Dear Team,

Thought I would send an update on Nana.  Firstly, she is an absolute joy and a completely different dog to the one I picked up from the Shelter a couple of weeks ago.  The first 3 days were a bit stressful.  She paced up and down in her new home and pooed and peed everywhere so I wasn’t sure she was house-trained!  She was anxious and barked all night long so we both had a few days of little sleep.  My husband came back from his travels and this coincided with Nana settling with our 2 male labs and the barking at night stopped and I let her sleep in the same room with the 2 boys which was problem free.  I let her sleep on our bed until she visibly settled with the 2 labs.  Now, she is a lovely dog, well mannered, house trained and eats her food nicely.  She has a soft mouth and doesn’t grab and will sit and come to command.  The biggest difference is her love of running free with Bingo our 4 year old.  They hunt together on the cotils and in the woods freeing up the old boy to walk by me.  The younger 2 roll around and play fight all day long.  She is getting 1 long walk and 2-3 shorter walks per day and as you can see from the photos  she has visibly lost weight.  She walks to heel with the other two and occasionally I have put her on a normal slip lead near the chickens (which excite her greatly and are safely penned in) and she doesn’t pull any more.  Probably as she is knackered from the walks!  So no need for the harness yet.

So thank you again.  We love her.  She is a great addition to our household and has given Bingo and Boycie a new lease of life in respective ways.



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A big thank you to all the staff at the JSPCA 😀👍👏


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This is one of our hand raised magpie who was brought into shelter with another baby after falling out of the nest.

Unfortunately 1 was dead on arrival but this little one made it. The photos show him on arrival, 1 week later and then 2 weeks later. 😍🐾 #loveourjob #wildlife

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