Small Furries

Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper are very cute boys who are on a special diet. Salt is more confident then pepper and will give you kisses and

Minky and Bow

Minky and Bow are very sweet Guinea pigs that are okay to go with any age kids, however they would need time to explore and


Orla is a lovely quiet shy ferret who likes cuddles. She has come out of her shell and became more confident mixing with other ferrets.


Patrick is a very inquisitive creature who loves to be nosey and check everything out. He absolutely loves cuddles and is more than happy to


Spiller is a lovely quiet ferret, who likes to play. He has really come out of his shell since being with us at JSPCA. Spiller


This is Bonsai, he is an adult male ferret who is looking for a very special home. He is full of character; very lively and