Hi ya, Bengi has been an absolute star and settle in with our family beautifully. He and my daughter are inseparable and have spent a lot of the summer cuddled up in the garden. Benji loves his daily runs on the beach and spends most of his time in the water swimming! However, he does […]


She’s still doing amazingly!! She spends her days following us around the house in the hope we’ll keep dishing out an endless supply of Sheba which she absolutely loves but is sadly rationed!! We’ve had no aggression for her at all. She lets everyone stroke her cautiously and we are working on grooming although she […]


Lilly seems to be settling in well and already ruling the roost! She’s such a lovely little lady and I’m delighted that she’s joined our family. The rap and support we’ve had from all the staff at JSPCA has been amazing.  Thank you so much for making this happen. It feels like she’s been here […]


We are delighted that Bobby has settled in so quickly with his new room mate Roxy. Here they are enjoying each other’s company and looking forward to dinner time.      


Bear seems to be settling in well. He’s loving his walks on the beach and playing with his goose teddy!


Hi please can you share this photo with the wonderful ladies at the JSPCA. Mimi moves out from our house and was handed in to you a month or so ago . She finally settled and getting on with my two other cats … from a distances … thank you x


Hey guys, quick update from Larry rehomed last week. He is doing well, still a bit shy but purring on daily basis now. Thank you for having him! especially to girl who matched us so well!!

Cheech, Chong & Klaus

We were excited to receive an update on our 3 boys who spend over a year in our care. Cheech, Chong & Klaus are having great fun in their new home 🙂

Button (formally Columbo)

Hi Guys, thought you might like to see that Button ( formerly Columbo) is learning to play… we love him so much already x This is a picture of me looking really handsome in my new home, love Button xxx The camera captures my boyishlyhandsome good looks don’t you think?


We thought you would like to see how Pepe (formerly Cruz) rescued in March is enjoying his new home. He’s the most cuddly hamster we’ve ever met and so friendly! Thanks again for such an amazing creature!