Cats Rehomed in May!

Congratulations to these gorgeous kitties for finding their forever homes! And congratulations to the families that just got a little bit bigger!


Lenny was adopted back in August 2019. His owner got in contact with us in late December 2019 with an update: ‘I’ve had Lenny for over 4 months now and he’s doing so well. Lenny is quite the character, he doesn’t like to be touched much unless your picking him up to give him a […]


Cream the bearded dragon was rehomed early December 2019. His owner got in touch in January 2020 with an update on how Cream had settled in: ‘Just to let you know Cream is well settled into his new home. He loves running around and exploring the living room, and we think he might think that […]


Poe was adopted from us in September 2019. Hew new owner got in touch shortly after with a lovely update on how Poe had settled in:   ‘Just wanted to send a few pictures of Poe now she is settled in! Its very rare to get a picture of her on her own as she […]


Aku (formely Tina) was adopted from us in October 2019. Her owner got in contact a few weeks after with a lovely update on how she had settled in:   ‘My husband and I went to speak to the staff at the shelter after seeing a little black cat on their website. We live in […]


Sid (formerly Scampi) was adopted from us in 2017. His owner got in contact with us in November 2019 with a lovely update:   ‘Just wanted to let you guys know that this is (Savage) Sid or Sid (Vicious) previously known as “Scampi” by you guys and used to be your kitchen cat about 3 […]

Tiny Toby

Tiny Toby was adopted in August 2019.   His new owner got in contact in September 2019 with a lovely update:   ‘Toby (aka) Tiny Toby has been with us about 5 weeks now. He loves his big cage which we ordered from Zooplus as soon as he came home as his old cage was […]


Lovely Bali got adopted in September 2019. Bali’s new owner got in contact in October 2019 with an update and some photos and videos of Bali enjoying her new home: ‘Bali settled into her new home pretty much instantly by claiming her place on the sofa and she has recently decided that she is now […]


Pixie was rehomed to a lovely home in Sark in October 2019. Pixie’s new owner got in contact with us in November 2019: ‘Pixie travelled really well and didn’t seem phased by her journey at all! She likes being up high so despite our best efforts to encourage her to sleep in a normal cat […]


The three are completely bonded now, I even walked in on Fitz licking Lola’s face.   Whenever they’re not charging about causing trouble, the three of them are usually snuggled up. Faces all pressed into each other, little Locke doing most of the kissing, with his earnest little face.   They’re all staying house-trained, and […]