Marley’s Success Story! 

Marley was brought to the shelter on November 21st 2016 with quite a few health problems and had been looking for a home for about 6 months. After a few failed homes and his health starting to deteriorate, it was decided that a member of staff should take him for end of life care.

We were told he might only have about 3 months left, that was almost 6 months ago and he’s now doing better than ever!

He had to have his left eye removed last month as it was very painful for him and he’s recovered amazingly from the surgery and also no longer needs most of the medication he was on when we adopted him. You would never think he had been given such a poor diagnosis.

We did a very slow introduction to Belle, my other dog, but that was due to her being more nervous than anything Marley had done, he just desperately wanted to be her best friend, as he does with most dogs!

He gets to come to work everyday with me and joins us in the staff room where he always has something to say in the hope of getting some food from anyone. We have also discovered he is an amazing toy thief and will sneakily steal any toy he can grab if there are any laying around. At one point he had about 10 stolen toys in his kennel.

Marley has the funniest character and we love having him at home. He has also developed an amazing sense of style which ranges from denim jackets to camouflage rain coats!

He entered his first dog show recently where he won 2 rosettes and was completely exhausted after his busy day! This little man is utterly unstoppable, there’s never a dull day with him around and we look forward to spending the rest of his life with him.