Kennel Team

Meet our dedicated Kennel Team who look after any animals that have just arrived and waiting to find new homes. The team care for your

Clinic Team

Meet our Clinic Team who care for a variety of different animals in our care. They care for a range of wildlife who need a

Reception Team

Meet our wonderful Reception team. With almost 50 years combined experience at the Animals Shelter our front desk team are not short of dedication. They

Vet Team

Meet our Veterinary Team! Our dedicated team provides care to in-house animals, welfare clients, foster animals and injured wildlife. We also treat any emergency cases

Ambulance Team

The JSPCA’s dedicated O.O.H (Out of hours) team provide an emergency service when the JSPCA is closed. The team consists of professional individuals who take


Our volunteers are amazing and help us so much with the running of the JSPCA. Cleaning the animals, walking the dogs, lots of TLC and

JSPCA Behaviourist

Kari Lees DipCAPBT (Level 5) Kari is a fully qualified pet behaviourist and trainer, having studied with COAPE, she completed the Principles of Companion Animal