Fireworks petition

Please help by signing the following petition –

We agree with the aims and would love to see the start of only noiseless fireworks in the future.

Fireworks undoubtedly cause a lot of suffering to animals which is our main concern, especially considering our location and that our dogs tend to have behaviour problems on arrival.

As well as animals there would be suffering caused for PTSD sufferers and for young children, as well as being dangerous in inexperienced hands.

As one of Jersey’s oldest charities, our message is to prevent cruelty and suffering to animals.

During firework season it is important to remember to speak to your vet or behaviourist for advice about noise phobia and how you can manage problems long term. Feliway, adaptil, pet remedy products are also great to use around the home and make your pets feel more relaxed.

Sign here – https://petitions.gov.je/petitions/200151?fbclid=IwAR2bdbx5Z6oN9oqAvPedkLOL-8T24isUjPtNzk6DtQfizB9xCl5a2VF91Kc