Time to fly the nest

A feel good story which shows you just how dedicated our staff are about the animals in our care.

These two little doves were found by a member of the public in a car park on Tower Road during the summer (2018).

One was just hours old and the other one was still in the egg!! They were kept warm as we watched the little one hatch which was incredible to see. They were then placed into the care of a member of clinic staff who took them home for the first 3 weeks of their lives to ensure they were fed from dawn till dusk as their mother would have done.

They may not have been the prettiest of babies but they soon grew into a pair of handsome little Collared Doves!

The final part of their long journey from egg to aviary was their release and it was great to see them fly off and begin the next stage of their lives.

Helping the Wildlife of Jersey is just one of the many important roles of the JSPCA Animals’ Shelter, so please help us continue our work for many years to come.


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