Cheap as Chips – JSPCA Microchipping Campaign

For the month of April the JSPCA Animals’ Shelter will be hosting a microchip fundraising campaign where the public can bring their pet (dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, ferret) to us to be microchipped for a minimum donation of £10. All proceeds will be going towards the care of the animals at the JSPCA Animals’ Shelter to include those unclaimed strays we take in and get ready for rehoming.

In 2018 the JSPCA dealt with over 150 unclaimed stray animals. These animals are then cared for by the JSPCA, health checked, microchipped and found a home. Therefore, when a stray animal is presented to us we do our best to find the owner. We scan the animal for a microchip and if one is located we will look up the number on both the UK and European databases to obtain the owners details. If we are able to obtain the owners details we will contact them ASAP.

We house the stray animal for 7 days. If an owner has not come forward within those 7 days we will process the animal and get them ready for rehoming.

These 7 days can be scary for the animals as they have to be kept in a quarantine environment due to any unknown underlying health concerns which could put the other animals on site at risk. The environment is strange and unknown to the animal.

The time the animal is in a strange and unknown environment can be reduced if the pet is microchipped as we are able to scan and obtain the owners details straight away and reunite them.

It is important to remember that having the microchip placed is only the first step, and the microchip must be registered in order to give you the best chances of getting your pet back. If that information is missing or incorrect, your chances of getting your pet back are dramatically reduced. It is important that you keep your records associated with your pet’s microchip up to date. Any change of address or phone numbers needs to be communicated with the Microchip company ASAP.

To book your pet in for their microchip, please ring reception on 724331 to check availability or visit our website for more information

Questions? Please have a look at our FAQ’s about microchipping (Click on our poster).

If you still have questions please do not hesitate to give reception a call.