The three are completely bonded now, I even walked in on Fitz licking Lola’s face.


Whenever they’re not charging about causing trouble, the three of them are usually snuggled up. Faces all pressed into each other, little Locke doing most of the kissing, with his earnest little face.


They’re all staying house-trained, and all of them are so wonderfully HAPPY it’s just a joy.

They seem to take it in turns to have mental fits, racing around the house with mad eyes and kicking their feet, flicking their ears and freaking out whichever two AREN’T having a mad fit at that time.


I wish the weather was better because they love being outside, although Lola won’t venture out when it’s too windy. But they come in with one shake of the food bag, so they are no trouble at all. If i’m stupid enough to so much as crackle a bag then i’m surrounded by bunnies. Lola runs in circles around me and the boys try to stand on my feet. Making dinner is a nightmare. I’ll never be able to eat biscuits in peace again.


Every time i walk in the room i get mobbed for snacks so it’s hard to get photos of them chilling out x


She kept doing hoppy skips and little happy running about, but every time I got something with a camera near her she’d just stop and look innocent.

there was one point where all three bunnies were whipping around the flower pots and under the picnic table and when I went back inside for my ipad and came back outside they were all calmly grazing like, ‘RUNNING AND JUMPING? US. NOPE.’


Lola dug a massive hole in the green house and the boys loved it, but it had to be blocked off to keep them safe.


All three are joined at the hip now.


It couldn’t be easier. 3 magical lovely bunnies. I am SO happy it’s all worked out. They all sleep in a pile now, in their room by choice even though I leave everything open for them.


Anyway, she’s in love with her little tribe and eating well.