JSPCA Behaviourist

Kari Lees DipCAPBT (Level 5)

Kari is a fully qualified pet behaviourist and trainer, having studied with COAPE, she completed the Principles of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training (Level 4 Diploma) and The Practical Application of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training (Level 5 Diploma).  COAPE is the only national education provider recognised by Ofqual in the subject of Companion Animal Behaviour. Kari is a member of the COAPE Association of Applied Pet Behaviourists and Trainers and follows their Code of Practice when working with pets.  Please see their website www.capbt.org for any further details.

Other education:

  • Dog Body Language and Dog-Dog aggression with IMDT
  • Dog Aggression with David Ryan
  • Scentwork 1- Foundation with Talking Dogs Scentwork
  • The Real Dog Yoga with Jo-Rosie Haffenden (Kari is a qualified Dog Yoga instructor, see https://www.therealdogyoga.co.uk/ for more information)
  • Dog to Dog Aggression with School of Canine Science
  • Resource Guarding with School of Canine Science
  • Predation and Drive with School of Canine Science


Training animals

When training animals Kari likes to take a full approach to the problem.  She considers the animal’s history, their lifestyle, what their individual needs are and their emotional state.  All of this helps her to understand why your pet may behave in the manner he/she does.

Kari uses the EMRA ESTA approach from COAPE.  This approach considers the animal’s emotional state, what it is about the behaviour that he/she finds rewarding and their lifestyle needs.  Treating the emotional state behind the behaviour means fixing the root cause of the problem rather than just putting on a plaster as a quick fix.

Kari is very passionate about animal welfare and uses methods that take the animal’s emotional and physical state into consideration and will not cause an animal to be fearful or in pain.  She uses methods that are based on scientific research on how animals behave and how animals learn.