Reception Team

Meet our wonderful Reception team.

With almost 50 years combined experience at the Animals Shelter our front desk team are not short of dedication. They are the first point of contact whether it be that you are taking your animal to see our vet or you may be leaving your cat for a short holiday in our boarding facilities. The reception staff will always try to assist in a friendly and courteous manner.

The front desk is managed by Anel. Who is Ably supported by Dave, Richie and Angelena. They receive an average of 20,000 phone calls per year ranging from appointments to injured wildlife queries.

The Animals shelter enjoys moments of pure happiness when an animal leaves us to go to a new home. Sadly it’s not all joy we also have to deal with the sadness of owners with sick animals or animals that have passed away. Anel and her team offer help and compassion in equal measure in times when owners are most in need.

“We may not be the prettiest looking crew. But we enjoy our work and as yet have never scared away, either human or animal client” Quote…..anonymous.

Whatever you may need us for. It can be guaranteed that the reception team will always do their best to assist, With a smile on their face…. Except the morning after a staff Christmas party. Says Dave.