Clinic Team

Meet our Clinic Team who care for a variety of different animals in our care.

They care for a range of wildlife who need a helping hand to get back on their feet again. We will rehabilitate and care for them until they are fit and healthy to be released back into the wild.

During bad weather and storms we care for any oiled sea birds who are washed up on our shores. We have a specialist facility which allows birds to be washed by our trained staff. These birds stay in our care until they are rehabilitated and the correct weight to be released back into the wild.

We never know what will arrive through our doors next! From baby fledglings & squirrels needing around the clock care, to underweight pigeons needing some extra TLC and also injured geese and swans.

Our staff take turns to care for neo-natals that need extra TLC throughout the night until they are old enough. On a yearly basis they care for baby squirrels until they are safely released again, and most recent even baby mice and a Jersey bank vole!

Clinic are also in charge of administering medication to any boarders staying with us and our in house animals.

You might also meet one of our Clinic staff if you are adopting a new pet.