Kennel Team

The kennel team at the JSPCA look after the dogs, cats and small animals in our care. The team are trained in all of these departments so as to ensure the animals daily routines and needs are met at all times.

Their daily routine can include:

  • Feeding the animals with an appropriate diet
  • Cleaning their enclosures and the building the animals are housed in
  • Grooming and bathing the animals where necessary
  • Implementing and carrying out a training plan for those animals that need some extra support in getting them ready for their forever home
  • Providing daily enrichment to keep the animals occupied and stimulated
  • Carrying out behavioural assessments so we can find them the best home which suits their needs
  • Going through application forms to find them the best home and carry out viewings
  • Giving them lots of TLC, exercise and play time!

Along with looking after the dogs, cats and small animals that are waiting to find their forever homes, the team also care for any strays that come into our care.

If you are boarding your cat with us, the kennel team are the ones who will take care of all their needs and provide lots of TLC!