Aku (formely Tina) was adopted from us in October 2019. Her owner got in contact a few weeks after with a lovely update on how she had settled in:


‘My husband and I went to speak to the staff at the shelter after seeing a little black cat on their website. We live in a flat with no garden, so the fact she is an inside cat was perfect. When we met her, she was so sweet and friendly, the staff had done a great job getting her used to people again as she’d been a stray and gone through who-knows-what.

They told us she has some medical conditions but it was all manageable, especially through the foster scheme and the vet was very helpful.
When we took her home it was clear she is a lap-cat but for the first few days she was understandably very quiet and shy. After that; however, she calmed and became quite chatty, chirping and meowing and letting us get to know her. She’s just a perfect little old girl and we love her.’