Red Squirrel Surveillance Scheme

The JSPCA is excited to announce that as part of the Red Squirrel Surveillance Scheme, we have contributed towards the development of a second research paper that has now been published. This paper specifically looked at Fatal exudative dermatitis (FED) in red squirrels.

During 2016-2019, the JSPCA veterinary team swabbed 137 sick, injured, orphaned and casualty red squirrels that had come into their care and sent these swabs off to be a part of this vital project.

“This is another fantastic opportunity to highlight how the JSPCA Animals’ Shelter helps support red squirrel conservation, in addition to the vital wildlife rescue and rehabilitation work it undertakes on a daily basis” – Tiffany Blackett, co-author on the research paper

The JSPCA is proud to have supported this project and will continue to help with the surveillance of red squirrels in Jersey.

We still continue to record data on red squirrels, so it is important that if you come across an injured, sick or deceased squirrel, please get in contact with our Reception on : 01534 724331, Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm, or during evenings, Sundays or Bank Holidays call our ambulance driver on : 07797 720331.

To read the paper, please click on this link : kay fountain paper 2021