Your Guide to the Importance of Routine Pet Grooming

Do I need to groom my dog?

Yes! All breeds of dog can benefit from routine grooming. Any length of coat will need daily or weekly grooming at home, as well as professional grooming. Please consider this before you buy or adopt your puppy or dog…it will require your time and costs money!

Why is grooming important?

To remove dead coat and prevent matting. Early identification of any skin, ear, eye ailments and general body condition means that stress and pain can be avoided. It also helps build a bond between owner and pet and helps desensitise them to being handled, which is beneficial for when they need to go to a professional groomer or the Vet.

When should I start grooming my dog?

Start as soon as possible, daily or weekly (depending on coat type). Try little and often, with positive reinforcement. Visits to professional groomers should start from 12 weeks old for introductory sessions.

How should I groom my dog?

Get advice from a professional groomer on the best type of brush and metal comb for your dog’s coat type. Most dogs will need professional grooming every 4-12 weeks.


With thanks to the dog groomers of Jersey for their work on our dog grooming campaign.