Jasper is a very friendly chap looking for his forever home with a nice secure garden as he is hard of hearing, he had to have his ears removed due to cancer. He loves attention and having a fuss made of him, he especially loves sitting in your lap or shoulders. He can be quite […]


Mercury is a very friendly girl who adores climbing into your lap to get lots of fuss made of her, she loves being stroked but can be a bit wary of her head being touched. She is quite a vocal cat and chats a lot when there are people around. She can go with children […]


Scooby is a very handsome boy who is very friendly and loves a fuss made of him. He can be a bit shy at first but really comes out of his shell once he’s comfortable. Scooby loves having company but is also happy to snooze by himself. He can potentially live with children 10+ depending […]


Luna is a very cute little lady who loves being outside watching nature and snoozing on her cat tree. She can be a bit nervy to start with but once she gets to know you she is very sweet. She can live with children 12+ depending on introductions at the shelter. If you would be […]

Astrid (Reserved)

Astrid arrived with us as a stray and is a very sweet cuddly girl. She loves sitting on and snuggling into your shoulders and giving you loads of head buts. Because she is young she loves playing with toys and running around with her endless energy. She can live with any age children depending on […]


Lulu is a very sweet girl once she gets to know you, she can be quite reserved at first but loves having a fuss made of her as soon as she is comfortable around you. She isn’t keen on being over handled but is very happy having her head scratched. Lulu is looking for a […]

Monty Bojangles

Monty Bojangles arrived at the shelter as a stray and is struggling to adapt to being in kennels. He doesn’t like being handled but is happy enough to be around people as long as he is being fed. We are looking for him to live as a farm cat where he can be provided with […]


Pixie is a very lovely lady who arrived with us at the shelter as a stray. She can be quite shy to start with but once she knows you she absolutely loves having cuddles and rolling around on her blankets. Treats are the way to her heart and the best way to become her favourite […]


Coco is a very handsome Burmese who is looking for his new home. He can be quite reserved at first but does like having head scratches once he’s comfortable with you. He enjoys his food a lot and would never say no to a treat or two. Coco has feline coronavirus so needs to be […]