Chelsea (Reserved)

Chelsea is a very affectionate purring machine! She adores being fussed over and getting lots of head scratches and strokes, however she’s isn’t a fan of being picked up or overhandled as it can be overwhelming for her and she will try and get away. She loves to lick people and her purr is extremely […]


Archie is a very cheeky chap with a lot of character. He loves attention but will definitely let you know when he no longer requires it! He adores being around people and just having company in general, especially when that company has a packet of Dreamies on them. Archie can live with sensible children aged […]


Sophie is an independent older lady who is looking for a nice quiet home to spend her retirement years. She needs a patient owner who will let her come out of her shell in her own time. She can be very affectionate, but she can also be wary of people and has a somewhat feisty […]


Khan is a confident boy who is happy to be with anyone as long as they have food! He needs a lot of stimulation and enrichment in his new home as he is full of energy. He is a very smart cat, loves using puzzle feeders, and has learnt a few tricks (such as sit) […]