Guillermo and Roald

Guilly and Roald our mischief makers at the shelter and both are really confident. They were brought into the shelter as strays which we mixed together and are definitely best friends from the start. Guillermo likes to tumble around and dance around your feet whilst Roald joins in and tries to keep up. They both […]

Lola and Bristle

Lola and Bristle are with Cricket, Flea and Jeremy and get on really well with all the siblings. They are 10 weeks + and are ready to find their forever home 🏠. They are very quiet and tamed girls which love napping, eating food and playing in shredded paper. They adore cuddles and climbing on […]

Cricket and Flea

Cricket and Flea are siblings which where brought into the animal shelter at 4-5 weeks old. Now at age 10 weeks + they are ready to find their forever homes. They are beautiful pair and get along with other ferrets any age and humans. They are very tame and show off by play fighting with […]


This is Nugget! He is a 8 month old Syrian hamster. He’s a cute little guy who likes running on his wheel and being nosey but he can be quite nervous of people but hopefully over time and with lots of treats he will become your best friend. If your interested in nugget please fill […]


Meet Wispa! The lovely Russian hamster who came in to the shelter as a stray, and is now looking for her forever home. Wispa is a female Russian Hamster who is very chilled and loves a treat. We are unsure of her age due to her being a stray but we think she is an […]