Alfie (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Alfie (Rehomed)


5+ Years Old


Meyers Parrot




Green & Blue

Home Needed

Indoor cage

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Older children

All About Me

Alfie is an intelligent little Meyers Parrot. We are unsure of his age but know he is 5+ years. He is quite nervous of strangers but loves to show off the phrases he’s learnt by whispering them to you. Alfie can say “pretty boy” and “Hello mate!” and responds to clicking noises and whistles!

Alfie is quite friendly and definitely cheeky! It was mentioned to us by the previous owner that Alfie prefers men however the female staff have had no problems stroking his head once he’s used to their company. Alfie would suit living in a cage indoors as he loves spending time out perched on top of his cage chatting away. All birds need to be kept in a well ventilated but not too drafty room as air quality is very important for birds. Meyers parrots are known to be good with bonding with all family members rather than picking a favourite however they are not fond of being centre of attention and would prefer quiet relaxed family environment where they can enjoy sitting on their cage chewing on a toy.

If you are interested in adding Alfie to your family please pop in between 2 and 4 pm to meet him. If you wish to reserve him we will need proof of address dated within the last 2 months and if you live in rented accommodation we will need permission for you to keep this species from your landlord.