Baby Boy (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Baby Boy (Rehomed)


2 month


Dwarf Hamster




Brown and White

Home Needed

Indoor Cage

Other Pets

Fine (in household)


Under supervision

All About Me

Hello I’m Baby Boy 💙

I’m a male 2 month old Dwarf hamster and I would love to find my own forever home 🥰

You see, I’m sharing a room with 8 other hamster and I’m starting to get fed up of listening to the other hamsters running on their wheels all the time and munching on their food very loudly! I would really like to get out of here and into a lovely home to call my own. 🤗

I can go with children just as long as they are patient with me as I can be a bit timid.🙈

If you think you could offer me the perfect home please come in to fill out an application form or register online. 💻

Please bring in a photo of the cage I’ll be living in, landlords permission if you live in rented accommodation and a proof of address. This will make the adoption process quick and easy, we also ask for a minimum adoption fee of £10 (which I am definitely worth!) 👌🏼

See you soon 🐹