Smartie and José

Hi, my name is

Smartie and José


5 months


Russian Hamster


Male & Female


Grey & cream

Home Needed

Indoor secure cage

Other Pets

Fine (not in same cage)


Under supervision

All About Me

Hi! Our names are Smartie and José! We are 5 month old Russian hamsters and we are looking for individual homes.

We were both born here at the shelter after our mother was brought in during the summer. As you may have already guessed we are still new to the world and are not sure on handling yet, we will need someone who will be willing to get us out everyday so that we get use to being handled. We will both need nice big cages for when we get older, one with preferably lots of toys and tunnels to keep us busy.

If you think you have a home for us, come in to fill out a application form or register online. Please bring in a photo of the cage I’ll be living in,landlords permission if u live in rented accommodation and a proof of address, this will make the adoption process quick and easy, we also ask for a minimum adoption fee of £10, we will hopefully see you soon 🐹