Charlie (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Charlie (Rehomed)




Caique parakeet





Home Needed

Indoor cage with good air quality

Other Pets



Under supervision

All About Me

Charlie is a wonderful little Caique parakeet of 8 years old.
Charlie was hand reared by his previous owner so he’s a proper Jersey bean.
Unfortunately Charlie has some kidney issues which means he needs a special owner who will be able to take extra care of him, he isn’t on any medication but needs to be kept on a strict diet. Our vets will be happy to go into more depth about Charlie’s health with those that are interested in taking on this sweet little boy.
Because of his health Charlie will need to be rehomed as an indoor pet and will need a warm home with good air quality. Although Charlie is a little clumsy he is very active and loves spending time out of his cage, he is also very chatty and will often whistle or caw in response to people speaking to him. At the moment Charlie prefers to be a hands off parrot but has on occasion happily walked over to members of staff for a cuddle, this may change with a new owner in a home environment where he can form a stronger bond and get more one-to-one attention.
Caiques need lots of toys and things to chew as they are very playful little birds.
If you are interested in adding Charlie to your family please pop in between 2 and 4 pm Monday – Saturday and fill out an application either in person or online.
If you wish to reserve Charlie we will need proof of address dated within the last 2 months and, if you live in rented accommodation, we will need permission for you to keep this species from your landlord.