Chase (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Chase (Rehomed)


5 months







Home Needed

Cage with lots of levels and tunnels

Other Pets

Fine (not in same cage)


Older children

All About Me

Hi there, my name is Chase!

I’m a male Syrian hamster and I’m only 5 months old! I’m a quiet and scaredy hamster but I’m very curious! I don’t mind hands in my cage but when they move they are really scary to me.

As my name may suggest I’m quite a speedy little hamster I like to run all round my cage and up and down through the tunnels (the person who took my photo says it was hard to get one of me sitting still ).

I’m not very used to being handled so I may be better off not going with young children and with someone older who will understand me and be patient with me as I’m sure I will become more confident with being handled.

If you think you have a home for me, come in to fill out an application form or register onlinehttps://jspca.org.je/register-to-adopt/

Please bring in a photo of the cage I’ll be living in, landlords permission if you live in rented accommodation and a proof of address, this will make the adoption process quick and easy. We also ask for a minimum adoption fee of £10, hopefully see you soon