Holly (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Holly (Rehomed)


1 month







Home Needed

Multi Level Enclosed Cage

Other Pets

Not in same cage


Under supervision

All About Me

Heya, my name is Holly and I’m looking for a new home ☺️

I’m nearly 1 month old so I’d love to find a home that I can keep for my whole life. However, as I’m so young this means I haven’t had much experience with you humans so I’m quite nervous of handling! 🥺 But with time and patience (and treats!!) I’m sure I’ll be completely happy with you 🥰

Ideally I would like an experienced owner who has dealt with nervous hamsters before, but fear not if I’d be your first hammy, my new friends at the JSPCA have said they’re more than happy to give advice on the best way to make friends with me, and they seem nice so I’d trust them! ☺️

I need to live in a multi level cage as I’m very active and loads of enrichment and toys to keep me occupied! If you are interested in offering me a forever home, then please come and meet me! Also don’t forget to bring in a photo of your cage and proof of address and landlord permission if you’re in rented accommodation! 👍