Mr Bubbles (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Mr Bubbles (Rehomed)









Home Needed

A quiet place with a small amount of water

Other Pets

Possibly one or two female ducks



All About Me

Mr Bubbles is looking for a very special forever home. He is an adult male runner duck who is completely blind. His new owner will have to have previous experience caring for ducks or poultry but he is just looking for a quiet place to enjoy his retirement.

He will need to live in a small enclosed area due to the fact that he cannot see. He is really good at finding his food and playing in his water bowl but needs a smaller area than other ducks where he can’t get lost or disorientated. Unfortunately, he can’t live in a group or be free like his sighted friends, but he may be able to live with one or two females. He sadly can’t join in swimming in any ponds but, as he is a runner duck, a small amount of water to wet his bill will be plenty.

If you think you might have a place where Mr Bubbles can live out his peaceful retirement, please complete this form: Register to rehome: Small Furries, Birds, Aquatics or Exotics – JSPCA