Mr Nesbit (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Mr Nesbit (Rehomed)


3 months







Home Needed

Large tank like cage

Other Pets

Ideally live with another Gerbil



All About Me

Hello everyone my name is Mr. Nesbit I’m a 3 month old male gerbil on the hunt for a new home.


I would love to live with a Gerbil friend if possible if not now but in the future.


My favourite thing is do is to chew cardboard tubes so who ever takes me start saving your toilet rolls!


I need a large tank like cage as I enjoy digging and creating tunnels of my own. I don’t like being fed in bowls but yet again in tubes so I can scavenge! It makes it more fun.


If you think you have the prefect home for me, pop in and fill out an application form. Also please bring in a photo of the cage I will be living in, landlord’s permission to adopt me if you’re living in rented accommodation and proof of address to make the adoption process quick and easy. We ask for a minimum donation of £10. I can’t wait to see you!!