Oreo (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Oreo (Rehomed)




Lop Rabbit


Female Neutered



Home Needed

Large hutch with run or large indoor secure area

Other Pets

Ideally to live with a neutered male or another female


Sensible Children

All About Me

Hi guys my name is Oreo and I’m an adult female bunny looking for my new home.

I arrived at the JSPCA in March and I’m ready to meet my new family.

I can be a little bit grumpy but I’m a really sweet bunny, I just get a bit protective over my hutch.

I would really like a bunny companion to keep me company in my new home, preferably a neutered male but I could possibly live with a female as well.

I’m quite a large lady so will need quite a big hutch. I get very stressed in small confined areas so will need either a large run or free run of an enclosed garden/a room.

I can live with kids of any age as long as they are sensible around me.

If you are interested in adopting me then you will need to bring in proof of address from the past 2 months and landlord permission if you’re in rented accommodation. The staff will need to see a picture of my setup to check its perfect me.

I am a minimum adoption fee of £60 (which I am definitely worth!) I am microchipped, vaccinated and neutered.