Patrick and Boop (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Patrick and Boop (Rehomed)


Adult Males




Male Neutered



Home Needed

Indoor or Outdoor

Other Pets

Fine, can live with other ferrets


Fine under supervision

All About Me

Hi everybody my name is Patrick and I’m looking for a new home with my best friend Boop.

We arrived at the shelter last month separately as strays however the staff paired us together so we wouldn’t be lonely. The staff don’t know our exact ages but we are two adult males. We can both be quit nervy however I’m starting to gain a bit more confidence and hopefully Boop will follow my lead learning people are good too.

We both came in covered in ticks but we’re all cleaned up now and ready for a nice new cage and toys in a new home! We mixed together very easily and would be happy to live with other ferrets or stay just the two of us. We’re very gentle ferrets and would be fine to live with children of any age as long as they were calm with us. We can live inside or outside as long as we have shelter and lots of enrichment to keep us entertained. We need at least 1 hour to run around and play out of our cage each day.

If you are interested in adopting us then you will need to bring in proof of address from the past 2 months and landlord permission if you’re in rented accommodation. The staff will need to come round to your house for a home visit to make sure it’s the perfect home for us.

We are a minimum adoption fee of £80 for the two of us (which we are definitely worth!) We are microchipped and neutered.