Ringo (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Ringo (Rehomed)


2 years


Central Bearded Dragon




Yellowy Orange

Home Needed

Large Vivarium

Other Pets

Not in same vivairum



All About Me

Help! I need somebody
Help! not just anybody
Help! you know I need someone


I’m Ringo and I’m a 2 year old Central Bearded Dragon.

As you can see I’m exceptionally handsome and a big beetle fan 😉

My favourite things to do are being a sun king under my heat lamp and exploring here, there and everywhere.

As I’m a friendly chilled out lad I would be ideal for first time owners.

If you love me do 😉 and are interested in adopting me you can pop into the shelter to say hello hello and fill in an application form between 2 and 4pm Monday to Saturday. You should bring recent proof of address for the last two months and permission in writing from your Landlord, if you live in rented accommodation. A home visit may also be required to check out the vivarium you have for me is suitable.