Roxanne (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Roxanne (Rehomed)


Approximately 4 years old


Semi Long Haired


Female Neutered


Tabby and white

Home Needed

Quiet Adult only home with outdoor access

Other Pets




All About Me

Hi everyone 👋 My name is Roxanne and I’m currently the JSPCA’s longest feline resident. I’m here to tell you a little bit about myself. I arrived at the shelter back in June meaning I’ve been here over 100 days! 🙀 When I arrived at the shelter I surprised everyone when I gave birth within an hour of being put in a kennel. I had 2 beautiful kittens and I was very protective of them, I didn’t want anyone coming near them! 🙅‍♀️

The staff don’t think I’ve ever had a home before as it didn’t seem like I was very friendly towards people. My babies Rheba and Raymond got rehomed in August and that meant the staff could now put all their efforts into getting me socialised and feeling more settled in my new kennel by myself 🥰

It’s taken a while but very recently after lots of hard work from the staff I’m now realising that I love affection! For the first time since arriving, I decided yesterday that I was going to let someone stroke me. I immediately went into purring mode rubbing all over them and getting chin scratches. The staff were ecstatic that they had finally got through to me and I was happy to be getting lots of treats for being so good 😻

Now to tell you about what I will need in potentially my first ever proper home. The vets think I’m about 4 years old so I’m still young and active, this means I would love to have toys in my new house to play with and space to run around 😺

Even though I showed my loving side yesterday I’m still a nervous cat who flinches at loud noises and quick movement, I can also still sometimes hiss and swat at peoples hands if I feel uncomfortable. This means I’m looking for a quiet home with no children or other animals around so I can feel safe and settle in quicker 👍

I will need outdoor access in my new home to go and explore once I’m settled in 🏡

I’m a very small girl who recently has started to get fluffier now I’m less stressed so I will need regular grooming once I’m comfortable with it 🤗

I do have a heart problem so I qualify to come to the JSPCA for veterinary treatment if my new owner wants to.

The staff said they will look through people who are already on file waiting for a cat like me before looking at any new applications but please if you’re interested in me then fill in a form incase there is no one suitable for me already https://jspca.org.je/register-to-rehome/

I hope you enjoyed hearing my little story as the staff thought everyone should hear what a great cat I am! 😽❤️

The staff will ask you for proof of address from the past 2 months and landlord permission if you’re in rented accommodation. The staff will also need to video call you for a home visit to make sure it’s the perfect home for me 🏡

I am a minimum adoption fee of £100 (which I am definitely worth!) I am microchipped, vaccinated and neutered