Shadow (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Shadow (Rehomed)


8 Years Old


Domestic Shorthair




Black & White

Home Needed

Outdoor access

Other Pets




All About Me

Hi everyone, Shadow here reporting for a new home! I’m a single black male seeking literally anyone who wants me!

I love eating my food and long walks to the sofa where I can chill out and sleep. I’m a slightly overweight lad (no body shame though) who is looking for an owner who can maybe help me get back to my normal weight so I can take even longer walk, maybe even past the sofa!

I’m not picky on gender, height, weight, race or sexuality. However they MUST be good at head scratches and have a solid cat sized lap! I’m seeking for someone with opposable thumbs for opening cat food and there must be someone in the house at least counter tall to reach all the important things for me.

Six things I could never live without would be:

1. Food

2. Dry food

3. Wet food

4. My bed

5. More food

6. Catnip (It’s not an addiction I promise!)

My skills would include: Sitting for long periods of time thinking and watching you go to the bathroom. Some things I won’t compromise on if you want this rehoming thing to work is I need outdoor access as all of this sass can’t be kept hidden from the world. No other pets, I will not share my spotlight with anyone! No children under the age of 8, they do me a concern!

If you like the sound of my profile then hit me up by ringing the JSPCA and one of my personal servants will answer to talk to you about me. If you are interested in adopting me then you will need to bring in proof of address from the past 2 months and landlord permission if you’re in rented accommodation. The staff will need to come round to your house for a home visit to make sure it’s the perfect home for me. I am a minimum donation of £100 (which I am definitely worth!) I am microchipped, vaccinated and neutered.