Shorty (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Shorty (Rehomed)


1 year







Home Needed

Multi Level Enclosed Cage

Other Pets

Not in same cage



All About Me

Yo I’m Shorty! I’m a male 1 year old Russian hamster and I would love to find a home 🐹

I’ve been at the JSPCA for 9 months now as I was lucky enough to used as an education animal but now I’m ready to leave and find my forever home 🤗

I’ve been described as one the easiest hamsters ever, and as I was used with students I’m very used to being handled! So I would be great with children 🥰

You may think I’m a bit old but I’m still full of life and enjoy exploring, but to be honest I wouldn’t say no to a nap! 😴

I love chilling in my purple hippo bed and munching on hamster treats 😋

If you think you can offer me a home then please come in to fill out an application form or register online. Please bring in a photo of the cage I will be living in, landlords permission if you live in rented accommodation and proof of address, this will make the adoption process quick and easy. We also ask for a minimum adoption fee of £10 (which i am definitely worth!) ☺️

Hope to see you soon 🐹