Tinkerbell (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Tinkerbell (Rehomed)


16 years


Domestic Short Haired




Black and white

Home Needed

Outdoor access

Other Pets



Yes, over 12 years

All About Me

Hi everyone 👋🏼👋🏼 my name is Tinkerbell 🧚and I’m a 16 year old lap cat looking for my retirement home in which I can spend the rest of my life 🏡
I’m currently the longest feline resident due to taking a while to get my health problems under control. I have been here 131 days so far! 😢
I’m what the Shelter staff call an end-of-life care cat which means unfortunately I most likely don’t have much longer left due to my health problems 🩺 I have hyperthyroidism and a chronic bowel problem which means I can sometimes find it hard to keep my food down, so I’m on a special diet to help with this.
I can also sometimes miss my litter tray but this is easily maintained by putting a puppy pad under my tray (I don’t have accidents round the house – I just sometimes have bad aim with my litter tray!) 🚽
I’m an absolute sweetheart 💕 and love nothing more then curling up on someone’s lap and getting stroked, however I don’t like being picked up and can get a bit sassy about it 😈
I’m a very calm and placid cat who would love a quiet home with no other animals and sensible children aged 12 years + 👧🏻🧒🏽
I would love a secure outdoor area, whether that be a fenced-in garden or a safe balcony where I can sit and lap up the sun ☀️
I really am the sweetest girl who deserves to live out the rest of my days in a lovely home 🏡
If you are interested, please fill in a form online or pop into reception and fill one in: https://jspca.org.je/2019/07/21/adopt-a-cat/ 💻🖥📱
If you are interested in adopting Tinkerbell then you will need to bring in proof of address from the past two months and Landlord’s permission if you’re in rented accommodation 📄📜📃
The staff will need do a home visit to make sure it’s the perfect home.
There isn’t a donation fee for Tinkerbell as we would just like her to spend however long left she has in the perfect home. She comes microchipped, vaccinated and spayed 🩺👩‍⚕️💉