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Toast (Rehomed)









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All About Me

Hi everyone my name is Toast (also known as Toasty, lil Toast and Tiny Toast).
I arrived at the Shelter back in August which means I’ve been here over 80 days!
I came in as a very skinny and scruffy stray and everyone immediately fell in love with me. The vets were worried that I wasn’t going to make it due to my weight and a large lump on me when I came in, however I was treated and my lump was nothing scary which was a relief to all the staff! I have had a battle with my health since day one at the Shelter but finally after a couple of months I’m ready for rehoming.
The staff don’t know my exact age due to me being a stray, but let’s just say I would definitely get a seniors’ discount at a restaurant.
I’m looking for an incredibly special home with people who don’t care about looks or age and have space in their heart to take in a pensioner cat looking for her retirement home.
Here’s the sad part about me…I probably don’t have much longer left due to several medical conditions. I’m what the staff call an end-of-life-care cat which means I’m desperate to find a home. Even though I love everyone here, I don’t really want to spend the last bit of my life in a kennel.
I’m on medication which is about £44 a month, but I promise I’m really good at taking it in treats (although I sometimes spit the tablet out the first time so I can get a second treat).
I do have another issue though…I HATE being picked up and over-handled, I’m old and fragile and much prefer having all 4 paws on the ground. The staff say I can be a bit of a firecracker when I get a bit grumpy, so I need very patient and understanding owners who will give me strokes and attention but are aware that I will tell you very bluntly when I’ve had enough. For this reason I need an adult only home and no other animals as I need to be as free of stress as possible!
I promise you I am a really lovely cat and I deserve a nice home with caring people to live out what I have left of life. Because of my health, I need to be a strictly indoor only cat as I’m too frail for the outside world. I know everyone wants kittens but I promise I will give you all the love that I have if you adopt me (I’m also fully litter trained and won’t tear up anything I can get my paws on, no offence to kittens!)
If you are interested in adopting me then you will need to bring in proof of address from the past two months and landlord’s permission, if you’re in rented accommodation. The staff will need to come round to your house, or via video call, for a home visit to make sure it’s the perfect home for me.
I have no adoption fee as the staff just want to me to go to the perfect home. I am microchipped, vaccinated and neutered.