100 Club March Results

The results are in for the 100 draw for March 2024! £60 – 86 £30 – 84 £10 – 40 The draw took place on Tuesday 19th March at 2pm and was drawn by K. Bichard and witnessed by S. Quinlan and D. Rault. The April draw is really close, good luck to all our […]

100 Club August Results

The 100 Club results for August were as follows: Draw 1 £60 – 19 £30 – 58 £10 – 85 Draw 2 £60 – 28 £30 – 5 £10 – 46 The draw took place at 2pm on Tuesday 16th August and was drawn by K. Bichard and witnessed by C. Burgess and A. Soulsby.

100 Club October Results

The 100 Club for October results were as follows: Draw 1 27 13 22 Draw 2 20 8 33 Drawn by C. Burgess Witnessed by M. Parker and L. Delahunty The draw took place at 14:00 on Tuesday 19th October 2021.

Make a donation of any amount at our Animals’ Shelter Reception or via our Just Giving page : www.justgiving.com/campaign/JSPCAEggHunt Count the eggs across the pages on our website : www.jspca.org.je Email your answer to michelle@jspca.org.je You could win a £40 First Choice Groceries voucher!

Cookies Policy

JSPCA Animals’ Shelter Cookie Policy Introduction Our website uses cookies. We will ask you to consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy when you first visit our website.  By using our website and agreeing to this policy, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the […]

JSPCA Christmas Raffle 2019

We are excited to announce that for 2019 we are holding a Christmas Raffle. We have some amazing prizes up for grabs from vouchers to hampers. Tickets are on sale from the JSPCA Main Reception and are £5 each. The raffle with be drawn on 23rd December 2019. Raffle Prizes Available: Coop £20 Voucher Golf Lessons […]

Christmas Day Swim 2019

Take the plunge on Christmas Day! Head down to the Old Smugglers Inn at Ouaisne Slip, St Brelades on Christmas Day at 10.20am to take a festive plunge. This swim is raising money for JSPCA Animal Shelter and Jersey Hospice Care. Warm refreshments will be served afterwards in The Old Smugglers Inn as a reward […]

Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe This Halloween

Tonight you may be visited by children taking part in the Halloween tradition of Trick or Treating. This can be a scary time for our pets. Therefore, we have provided you with some tips on how to keep them safe this Halloween: Keep Halloween treats out of reach from your pets Around Halloween more sweets […]

JSPCA Price Guide

Rehoming Prices at JSPCA Animals’ Shelter Group Animal Price Canine Dog £200 Puppy £250 Feline Cat £100 Kitten £100 Exotics Terrapin £20 Tortoise £60 Bearded Dragon £30 Chameleon £40 Gecko £20 Monitor Lizard £60 Iguana £50 African Land Snail £10 Amphibian £20 Trantula £30 Invertebrates (e.g. Stick Insect, Hissing Cockroaches etc) £10 Cornsnake £25 King […]

Wild baby bunnies – released June 2019

Just after Easter 3 wild baby rabbits were brought into us by a member of the public after their nest had unfortunately been disturbed. Once a rabbit nest has been disturbed the mother will not return. Therefore, the bunnies only chance of survival was for us to intervene and hand rear them.   On examination […]