Mercury (Reserved)

Mercury is a very friendly girl who adores climbing into your lap to get lots of fuss made of her, she loves being stroked but


Scooby is a very handsome boy who is very friendly and loves a fuss made of him. He can be a bit shy at first


Luna is a very cute little lady who loves being outside watching nature and snoozing on her cat tree. She can be a bit nervy

Astrid (Reserved)

Astrid arrived with us as a stray and is a very sweet cuddly girl. She loves sitting on and snuggling into your shoulders and giving


Lulu is a very sweet girl once she gets to know you, she can be quite reserved at first but loves having a fuss made

Monty Bojangles

Monty Bojangles arrived at the shelter as a stray and is struggling to adapt to being in kennels. He doesn’t like being handled but is


Pixie is a very lovely lady who arrived with us at the shelter as a stray. She can be quite shy to start with but


Coco is a very handsome Burmese who is looking for his new home. He can be quite reserved at first but does like having head