Urgent Coronavirus Appeal

The dedicated animal care teams, vets and 24-hour ambulance drivers at the Animals’ Shelter have continually worked throughout the global pandemic to help the animals and wildlife who come into our care. We are asking the incredibly generous supporters of the JSPCA Animals’ Shelter to help us to help them by providing funds to enable our service to continue despite much fundraising and events having to be cancelled.

We will continue to do everything we can to rescue, rehabilitate and care for the wildlife and animals in Jersey who need us, but we need your support.

£100 could buy food for a large dog for a month

£75 could can provide cat litter for our rehoming cats for 12 days

£50 could run an essential blood test

£25 provide food for our current 6 ferrets for 20 days

Please visit our Just Giving page and give as much as you can afford to make a difference to the lives of animals in Jersey : Coronavirus Emergency Appeal – JustGiving